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Inspectra CXR


Company HQ: 

723 Supakarn Building, L2-L3,Chareonnakhorn Road, Klong Ton Sai, Klong San, Bangkok 1060

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Last Updated:

15th May 2023

Inspectra CXR is an AI-based software that analyzes adult frontal chest x-rays for signs of 8 abnormality conditions including Tuberculosis. The software aims to assist doctors in prioritization and triage of chest X-ray images. In addition to the top accuracy, Inspectra CXR also offers flexible installation solutions, full integration with PACS system or a standalone AI server, all with a world-class security standard.
Currently, Inspectra CXR identifies features suggestive of 8 abnormality conditions including:
1. Tuberculosis
2. Pleural effusion
3. Lung opacity
4. Pulmonary edema
5. Mass
6. Nodule
7. Cardiomegaly
8. Atelectasis
The system returns AI results as a secondary capture on the DICOM for PACS integration option or JPEG for Inspectra application in which both display location of the lesions in heatmap, list of AI findings, and abnormality score corresponding to each finding.


Thai FDA (approved)
Singapore’s HSA (pending)

Development Stage

On the Market


Online & Offline

Intended Age Group

15+ years

Target Setting

Primary health centres,
general hospital (above primary level), teleradiology companies,
government/public sector, e.g. national TB programme,
private sector

Current Market





Heat map

Dichotomous output indicating for each abnormality whether this is present or absent.

Dichotomous output only indicating whether TB is likely present or likely absent.

Probability score for TB

Probability score for each abnormality

Location of each abnormality

The default threshold probability score is set at the optimal score for each abnormality condition,  44% for Tuberculosis. The threshold cannot be adjusted by users, but can be adjusted as customization per request.

The structured report presents the probability of abnormal findings in percentage. It consists of 3 subsections. 

1. The overall abnormality score of the case across 8 possible findings.

2. The abnormality score of Tuberculosis, i.e. the probability of signs of Tuberculosis.

3. The abnormality score of 7 other findings.

Other: Atelectasis, Blunted costophrenic angle, Consolidation, Fibrosis, Interstitial markings, Loculated pleural effusion, Mass, Nodule, Opacity, Pleural effusion

Inspectra CXR identifies features suggestive of 8 abnormality conditions:

Pleural effusion, Tuberculosis, Lung opacity (includes consolidation, fibrosis, and interstitial markings), Pulmonary edema, Mass, Nodule, Cardiomegaly, Atelectasis

TB Score: Calcification, Cavity, Consolidation, Fibrosis, Interstitial markings, Opacity and Granuloma


We offer various installation options (on-prem, software-as-a-service) and integration options (with PACS). Please contact for more details.


Server requirements vary and depend on the solution. Please contact for more details.



We offer various installation options (on-prem, software-as-a-service) and integration options (with PACS). Please contact for more details.

Integration with X-ray Systems

Integration with PACS and Legacy Systems

Inspectra CXR is compatible with any digital radiography x-ray machines. The solution can be integrated with x-ray systems from leading global manufacturers such as FujiFilm, Siemens, GE, Phillips, Shimadzu, Canon, Carestream, etc.

Inspectra CXR can be integrated with PACS systems via DICOM protocol.


Please contact for more details.

Processing Time

Average processing time is less than 60 seconds per image.

Data Sharing & Privacy

Inspectra CXR ensures patients’ privacy with our best-practice security standard including:
1. HIPAA, GDPR, and PDPA compliance
2. At-rest and in-transit encryption
3. User authentication and access authorization
4. Machine hardening with CIS benchmark


Inspectra CXR offers a volume-based annual subscription plan which includes license costs and all maintenance services. For Installation, there will be a one-time upfront fee which is depending on the solution that the client chooses. Please contact for more information

Software Updates

Customers using Inspectra CXR as a service receive instant updates when a new product version is released. They will receive notifications regarding the updates.
On-prem customers can sign up for maintenance service and software updates. Please contact us for details.

Product Development Method

 Supervised deep learning (CNN)


1.5 Million CXR images from worldwide population

Reference Standard

We use certified radiologist reports ground truth/reference standards. For TB cases, we use certified radiologist reports , sputum test, culture test and CT scan as ground truth/reference standards.


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