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Delaware, USA

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Last Updated:

15th May 2023

Genki (‘Healthy’ in Japanese) is an AI powered Chest X-Ray Screening solution that leverages cutting edge AI technology to analyze Chest X-Rays scans to automatically triage patients for different chest pathologies in a speedy and cost-effective way. Using AI to triage TB suspects from Chest X-Rays reduces the burden on radiologist and expensive tests; reducing the turn around time and loss to follow up. Genki can be used as an Genki Edge (Offline) Solution and/or Cloud (Online) in hospitals/facility centers or in mobile X-Ray vans at hotspots. Genki is an End-to-End solution that helps in capturing patient health information, symptomatic data, X-Ray results, radiologist report, analytics and notifications.
Genki has undergone independent third-party evaluation by WHO-supported firms like Friends for International Tuberculosis Relief (FIT) and StopTB Partnership. These evaluation studies have confirmed that the accuracy of DeepTek’s AI solution in triaging TB suspects is at par or better than human experts.
Genki’s strong differentiation is that it ensures AI model accuracies are never compromised by leveraging the “Expert in the loop” model.


Ministry of Health - Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Kenya
Thai Food and Drug Administration
US Food and Drug Administration
Central Drugs Standard Control Organization

Development Stage

On the Market


Online & Offline

Intended Age Group

2+ years

Target Setting

Large -Scale government run TB Screening Programmes, General Hospitals, Primary Health Centers, Teleradiology Centers, etc.

Current Market

Deployment in: India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mongolia

Targeted Market: Asia Pacific Region, Middle East, Africa, USA, Europe


Posterior anterior or anterior-posterior chest X-ray image (Frontal Radiographs) in DICOM/PNG/JPG formats.


Triaged Worklist identifying “TB Suspect” separately

Structured report including:

Heat map/Outline showing regions suspected of TB

Probability score for TB

Locating zone of each abnormality

Probability scores for 20+ pulmonary abnormalities other than TB

Dashboard and Analytics


i5 processor or equivalent, 8 GB RAM (for local installation)


Server location:
Both cloud deployment and local on-premises deployment are supported. Genki can be deployed on any cloud like GCP, Azure, AWS etc. depending on the geography of the client. While offline deployment can be done on any computer or laptop with given specification.



i5 processor or equivalent, 8 GB RAM (for local installation)

Integration with X-ray Systems

Integration with PACS and Legacy Systems

Genki can be directly connected to any X-Ray modality irrespective of the vendor. Shimadzu, Philips, Fujifilm, Carestream, etc. are some of the modalities with which Genki feasibility has been successfully verified.

Genki can be connected with the PACS used by the client. Genki details need to be configured in PACS or modality workstation for the DICOM communications.


Cloud deployment: Browser (Chrome, Firefox)
Local deployment: Microsoft Windows / Linux / Docker (all other dependencies will be handled by Docker)

Processing Time

Less than 30 seconds

Data Sharing & Privacy

Data are anonymized before processing and not shared with developers.


Different pricing models like One Time Licensing model or Per Scan Model based on Volume of scans can be provided from case to case basis with annual maintenance cost. Please contact

Software Updates

Minor updates monthly (for online only), major updates yearly (for online and offline)
Software upgrades are included in the license price

Product Development Method

Supervised and unsupervised deep learning model architectures.


The artificial intelligence models were trained on 1.5 million chest X-rays from over 10 countries.

Reference Standard

Human Readers.


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