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Rayscape AI


Company HQ: 

Calea Torontalului 69 B , Timisoara , Romania

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Last Updated:

15th May 2023

Rayscape is a cutting-edge digital assistant that revolutionizes the field of radiology by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to detect over 148 abnormalities on chest X-Rays. With its advanced algorithms, Rayscape CXR can detect and highlight a wide range of tuberculosis-related findings, such as miliary opacities, tuberculomas, cavitation, apical consolidation, calcification, adenopathies, and many others.
By employing bounding boxes to identify and localize these findings, Rayscape CXR enables radiologists to swiftly and accurately evaluate the abnormalities, facilitating efficient diagnoses and optimal patient care. Moreover, the software incorporates a triage system that prioritizes cases, ensuring that patients with urgent medical needs receive prompt attention.
By leveraging Rayscape, radiologists can enhance their workflow, expedite diagnosis, and improve patient outcomes.


CE marked class I

Development Stage

On the Market


On premises, cloud or hybrid

Intended Age Group

16+ years

Target Setting

Rayscape can be used in TB screening programs, day-to-day operations of public/private clinics and hospitals, primary health centers, general hospitals, teleradiology companies, and government/public sectors.

Current Market

Our product has been successfully deployed in several countries, including Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, India.


Posterior-anterior CXR
Anterior-posterior CXR


Dichotomous output indicating for each abnormality whether this is present or absent.

Probability score for TB

Location of each abnormality

Report: Atelectasis, Blunted costophrenic angle, Calcification, Cavity, Consolidation, Fibrosis, Interstitial markings, Loculated pleural effusion, Mass, Nodule, Opacity, Pleural effusion, Prominence in hilar region, Pneumothorax

Other: Scoliosis, Fracture, Diaphragmatic Disfunction, Emphysema, Pneumothorax, Cardiomegaly, Edema, Hilar/Mediastinal Disease, Support Devices

TB Score: Calcification, Cavity, Fibrosis, Interstitial markings, Nodule, Other: Miliary opacities, Tuberculosis sequelae, Cavitation, Nodule, Tuberculoma, Granuloma, Infiltrates, Patchy consolidation (upper zones), Pulmonary fibrosis (upper zones).



Existence of a DICOM Viewer


Rayscape works on servers with low processing power and no GPU


Existence of a DICOM Viewer

Integration with X-ray Systems

Integration with PACS and Legacy Systems

Rayscape works with any PACS and Viewer but integrates on a deeper level with Infinitt

Yes, multiple levels of integration ar supported


Existence of a DICOM viewer on the client's machine

Processing Time

30 seconds

Data Sharing & Privacy

Our product can de-identify data. Data is not shared with the developer unless discussed with the clients as such


Pricing is flexible, with multiple models being available for customers (subscription or "pay-as-you-go")

Software Updates

Updates on the product yearly

Product Development Method



1 Million Images

Reference Standard

Human reader, Xpert and CT


Offered On Request

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