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InferRead DR Chest

Company HQ: 

Beijing, China

Last Updated:

April 17th, 2020

InferRead DR Chest is a screening tool that analyzes chest radiograph DICOM images from medical imaging storage devices and automatically evaluates the probability of an abnormality suggestive of tuberculosis (TB). It shows the abnormal cases in a study list. InferRead DR Chest is used to assist doctors in the diagnostic process, but should not be used as a confirmatory diagnostic tool on its own. The InferRead DR Chest product offers different model configurations that adapt to different use cases.



Development Stage

On the market


Online & offline

Intended Age Group

15+ years (approved); manufacturer also recommends 12-18 years

Target Setting

Primary health centers, general hospital (above primary level), teleradiology companies, government/public sector e.g. national TB program, private sector

Current Market

As of December 2019, Infervision has domestic service-sites covering 32 provincial regions, and has expanded its global strategic layout to North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe regions, with presence in nine countries worldwide. They plan to market their product worldwide.


»» Can be used to read images from any kind of chest X-ray machine (vendor neutral)

»» Chest X-ray image format: JPEG, PNG, DICOM

»» Chest X-ray type: posterior-anterior chest X-ray, anterior-posterior chest X-ray

»» Other requirements: requirements shall be specified according to local circumstances


Structured report including: 

»» Heat map, 

»» Dichotomous output indicating the presence or absence of the following abnormalities: TB, abscess, airfluid level, atelectasis, blunted costophrenic angle, bronchiectasis, calcification, cavity, chest wall invasion/destruction, consolidation, fibrosis, honeycombing, hyperinflation, interstitial markings, loculated pleural effusion, mass, nodule, opacity, pleural effusion, prominence in hilar region, pneumothorax, 

»» Probability score for TB, 

»» Probability score for each abnormality, 

»» Location of each abnormality.


Requirements for server hardware:
1. CPU: Intel i7 6850K processor and above
2. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 1080 and above or V100 and above
3. Memory: DDR4 is recommended with a capacity of at least 16 GB
4. Hard disk: for system disk, choose solid state hard drives with capacity of at least 120 GB; A high-speed mechanical hard disk with a capacity of at least 3 TB and rotation speed of 7200 RPM is required
5. Network card: 1000M PCI-E network card


It is possible to integrate the product with the client’s legacy picture archiving and communication system (PACS).


The computer in place should meet the requirements:
1. Operating system: Windows XP and above
2. Browser: Google Chrome 49.0 and above

Requirements for server software:
1. Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above
2. Browser: Google Chrome 49.0 and above

Processing Time

In the case of the minimum client configuration, and under gigabit broadband, it takes less than 5 seconds to process 1 DICOM image.


The computer in place should meet the following requirements:
1. CPU: Intel Core i3 and above
2. Memory: Above 4 GB


Validation is required when the product is installed on the X-Ray machine for the first time. The data transmission needs to be tested to guarantee the workflow can operate appropriately.

Data Sharing & Privacy

»» Server Location: located worldwide (Google Cloud) and/or a local or national server can be set up if required

»» Data is not shared with the developer

»» De-identification option can be provided if required by customer

Software Updates

»» Please contact the company for this information (


»» Flexible pricing models are available

»» Please contact the company for quote (

Product Development Method

Supervised deep learning (CNN, RNN)


Please contact the company for this information (

Reference Standard

Culture, sputum smear microscopy, and human reader


»» Peer-reviewed publications are not yet available.

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